Playing around with some brightly-colored glass, I stumbled on making these vibrant sets that reminded me of crayons! The two sets both include ribbed barrels and the other includes a donut bead in matching colors. To tone down and separate the colors, I’ve choosen black for one set and a dark transparent blue for the other. They are like the lines that you are suppose to stay in (lol) when you colored in your favorite coloring book! A fun little set that gives me such a feeling of happy. I didn’t even get this set on my Etsy site as my friend, Rose, made this beautiful l-o-n-g rope necklace that she said was her tribute to crayons…and I had the right beads for her necklace! We must have been on the same creative wavelength!


BS #334 - Dream Again FS1I really love the way this set came out!  Using a white base, heavily applied silver and a Glass Diversion’s frit called Daisy Blooms resulted in this creamy butterscotch color with flecks of blues and some greens.  I made a handmade murrini to decorate the set in several different blues and Helios (my fav DH silver glass) for decoration.  I hit the beads with a slight reduction flame and this gave the beads a beautiful metallic sheen to them.  Unfortunately, the camera has a hard time picking up the full spectrum of sheen, but the beads are beautiful in person.  I tried several different color blues for the spacers that accompany the set, but CIM’s Glacier, which is a  “frosty” blue seemed to fit the bill.  Decorating them with metallic dots gave this set a beautiful sparkle.  A somewhat organic set with some pizzaz!  Going to have to play some more with this frit blend, as I love blends that can give you a pleasant surprise!


BS #331 - Rio FS1This is a bead set that the frit did all the work for me!  This is a wonderful frit blend “Bollywood” from Glass Diversions.  It is full of vivid, jewel tones and so easy to use.  I chose to use one of my favorite bead presses from Zoozies and encase the beads heavily in crystal clear to magnify all those great colors.  I added some ribbed spacers in a transparent aquamarine glass to give the set some dimension and to bring out some of the blue and tone down the greens.  After putting the set together, the spacers were fighting with the main beads, so I chose to etch the spacers to tone down the brilliance of the color and for them not to complete with the main beads, but rather subtly enhance the set.


Patti 2

Lenore 2Two triple spiral necklaces that I made for friends for Christmas.  I have one in purple, but haven’t photographed it yet.  A little “belated” but I don’t think they will mind.  When I started, I didn’t realize they would take so much time, but you know how fate gets in the way and delays your good intentions of staying on track.  But, at least they are finished and I really like the way they came out.  A little more work than just a single spiral, but it was worth it.  I want to make one for myself, but I’m kind of sick of doing them…so I have to wait.  In a later post I’ll explain the pattern that I used to make them.  .



WINTER QUILTS…Some quilts that I was busy making during the winter months to keep my little grandkids, Lana, Logan and Luke cozy and warm.

I wanted them to be able to use their quilts during the winter months, so I chose a “snowman” theme.  I purchased the panel in the first quilt and then had to go online looking for the other two panels that would   match the theme and feeling of the first.

My next step was adding a pieced strip to one side of the panel and several borders.  I did all the quilting on my sewing machine using some free-motion patterns that I recently learned from an online class and from a book with 365 days of patterns.

I was very happy with the way that each one came out and how I was able to captured each child’s personality and color of their bedrooms. I had sooo much fun doing these!

A Wedding…that’s what’s kept me busy!

It’s been a little while since I’ve been able to post, blog, etc. as life has been pulling me in different directions!  I hope that this will all change as my husband & I now settle down as “empty” nesters!  As I say good-by to my little girl and send her off on her own life’s adventure, I am looking forward to hav7-20-12 293 7-20-12 285 7-20-12 409ing the time to PLAY with all my vices!  She  had a destination wedding in Lihue on the island of Kauai at the Grand Hyatt Resort & Spa.  The day was suppose to be the best of the week-end, but as fate should have it…it poured all afternoon.  So her garden wedding under the gazebo was cancelled.  Instead she got married on the beach under a cabana and I think fate made the right call here!  A few pictures of my daughter, Laura and my new son-in-law, Anthony.  And lastly, a beautiful Hawaiian sunset!



“I need to blog”  is an understatement!  So many things have been happening in my life in the last 6 months.  Getting thru Christmas, planning a wedding, some medical situations, not to mention some classes that I have taken and will be taking.  Hoping in the next week to show you what I made at a recent Kristina Logan class at Brazee Studio in Cincinnati (which if I lived in Cincinnati, I would be there everyday — a beautiful studio with so many classes!), busy with new bead sets and spending a lot of my time with custom orders and figuring out what I’m taking at Bead & Button.  I hope to soon “blog” about these things,  show some pictures and more!

What’s Been Keeping Me Busy? …some new sets.

I haven’t had too much time lately for all my vices (LOL!) and have had to cram them in lately between getting repairs and upgrades done around the house.  I finally got some energy (I’ve lost 20lbs.) and thought I should get them done…this way I can coast for a little while and concentrate on my lampworking and beading!  Well, that’s the plan, but we’ll see if it happens, lol!  

Been playing with my Kumihimo and have a few necklaces made.  When I can get around to photographing them, which I’m hoping will be in the next day or so, I’ll post them.  Planning on trying some “different” techniques to see what I can come up with.  My good friends, Rose & Philonese, have been very influential in this area and I can’t seem to stop making them!

I’ve managed a few bead sets in the last few weeks, but just getting around to getting them processed and up for sale. I’m having fun making bead set with LOTS of metallic dots and ”storming” — a technique used with silver glass and developed by Amy of AKDesigns.  I’m also enjoying making “button” bead shapes.  You can decorate them in so many ways and I just love the look of them either alone, or in beads sets.  So, you’ll probably see more beads like this from me, ’cause I’m just love making them!    

PAPAYA…I love the color of this set!  A rich peachy-orange color with dark ivory dots, several silver glass that I mixed and ”storm” that resulted in beautiful colors…kind of looking thru a crystal ball.  So the set would sparkle and shine, I added blue metalic dots.

SILVERED SEAWEED…I’ve always liked green with ivory, such a fresh combination.  Silvered Seaweed has a transparent green base , dark ivory dots that I’ve applied and silver glass using the ”storming” technique with decorations of two different metallic colored dots. 

GRANITA…a somewhat neutral-colored set in a base of dark ivory and a slight hint of color in the “stormed” silver glasses with raised metallic dots for decoration.  The beads in this set are button spacers and I love working with this shape. 

SOUTH PACIFIC…a beautiful turquoise set with “stormed” silver glass in such rich blues, purples & violets.  Spacer beads of  turquoise and metallic dots really enhance the set.  I loved the way this set sparkles.


I know I’m a little late, but I’m hoping everyone one had a great time bring in the New Year and that my wishes for everyone is for a safe, healthy and prosperous NEW YEAR!!!!  A big “THANK YOU” to everyone that supported Good Omen Designs (godesigns) by buying my beads…and helping my vice!

Getting ready for this new year by scheduling some more lampwork classes, yeah!!!!   I love taking them.  Going to take Astrid Reidel of South Africa again.  She is such a wonderful person and great lampwork artist and she has a ton of new things to teach…especially on the murrini front (you know those cute little raised or melted in thingies-technical term). 

Also I’m scheduled to take a class with Lydia of Ashton Jewels down in Charlotte, can’t wait for this!  She make some of the most beautiful beads, rich with details, that you don’t even think they look like lampwork.  I am soooo excited about this class and I really do love North Carolina.  Gonna drive down with my pal, Robin…we always have so much fun!

Got the Kumihimo bug after my friend, Rose, showed me a necklace she made and I just had to have one!  So she was so nice to give me her amethyst Czech rondells that she had left over (isn’t that a great person!) and  I made it  in one day!  Now I ordered more rondells and made one with black rondells and silver beads…this is for Lena who does my nails (another great person!).  This next one I have in mind, (that I can’t wait to start-it for me), is going to be black rondells with some swarovski in there….gonna start that ASP!

I’m in the process of making bead sets for two of my new focals that I recently sold and was requested by the customer to do so.  I’ve completed one and named it KARMA.  Got to start working on the other one, (in my mind), but haven’t decided on a name or what bead shape to do.  I’m just hoping to find some time to make some of those beads (for me!) and more to sell.

Where has the time gone?!! — New Sets

Where has the time gone?  I don’t know!  I can believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted here.  I’ve been busy making & selling beads and also fighting whatever it is that’s going around.  I just can’t seem to get rid of it.  It seems I’m playing tag with my wonderful grandchildren with this virus! 

I did take a  lampwork class with Claudia Page of France.  I learned some great stringer control and how to make an eye murrini.  This took half a day just make the murrini.  I have so much respect for people that make complex murrinis.  It was a wonderful experiene and she is a great person.

I also had the fortunate opportunity to take a class with polymer clay artist, Lindly Haunani.  Two days on color theory and making canes.  I LOVED this class and if you ever get the chance to take a class with her, don’t miss it!  She shares a wealth of information with you and you will not be disappointed!

Okay, the one thing with being sick is you do get grounded and I was able to do more torching in the last few months.  I have quite a few bead sets to process, but this is what I have so far. 

SPUN SILK - I’ve made this set before and loved doing it.  The first set I made was for a necklace for my daughter that she wore to a wedding.  If you like lots of silver/gold and sparkle then this set is for you.  The addition of the black donut spacer beads gives it a touch of elegance. 

GUERNSEY – When I made this set, I had my friend’s “dairy cows” in mind.  The set uses a frit that has a little bit of blue in it and it gives a “halo” of blue on the black.  The black sides of the beads were etched to a velvety smoothness and I added white beads with raised black dots to finish the set off. 

GINGER -  This set is made with my friend, Robin of Glass Diversions, frit blend — Cinnamon Spice.  I had the fortunate opportunity of doing beads for her website using all her frit blends.  I stumbled upon Cinnamon Spice and fell in love with it and have used it in several bead sets in different applications.  It has such a warm, spicy, carmel color.  I also used a silver glass and silver foil for a hint of metallic.  I think the reddish-brown spacers highlight those colors very well.

DUSKY FLOWERS - I loved making this set!  I made some handmade flower cane by combining several purples.  The beads use a copper green base to which I added a handmade frit blend in subtle shades of purple, browns and greens that I encased to highlight the colors of this blend.  To keep the ”dusky” feel of the set I chose opal yellow as the base for the donut spacers and placed small flowers all around the bead (lentils have flowers only on one side) and decorated the beads with tiny metallic and green dots.  This set sold so fast…but I do have several focal beads using this same technique that will be going up for sale soon. 

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